Our Web Design Process

Our Web Design Process

An Exceptional Website in 6 Easy Steps

The following is a general outline of our Web Design process and a description for the components that make up each phase of the project. When we first meet with a new web design client, we ask a series of questions designed to understand your design preference and what your website will do for your business. To be more specific, we need to know who your customers are and web visitors that will be entering your site. After all, its great if you love your new site, but if your customers don’t find it useful, it won’t increase conversion rates for your Company. Our management team will walk you through the steps towards creating a project you can get excited about!

Step 1

TLG develops a range of connected solutions. In delivering any solution it is imperative that we completely understand our customer’s requirements including defining our role for the relationship to be a success. We research your industry, identify key competitors, the best possible technologies and user pathways for your website or application to accomplish your goals. Our experienced management team will guide you through our introductory process so we can prioritise your goals and learn the true value of your organization most complex issues.

Web Design Process- Initial Consultation
Step 2

Every great project requires a great strategy and we truly believe a well-developed web, app or marketing strategy makes for successful projects. We create project plans, wireframes, prototypes and essentially anything else needed to ensure we have a clear vision of the solution and technological route. We integrate our innovative solutions to the project plan and coordinate with our development team and customer to ensure deadlines and budget requirements are met.

Web Design Process-Wireframe
Step 3

We create stunning user-friendly renderings for your brand, website or application that perfectly match our content and pathway strategy. Based on our pre-established goals, we will ensure all aspects of the project are taken into consideration and prioritized for essential viewing. A unique theme will be created from your approved design renderings for a custom yet consistent branding and web presence.

Step 4

This is where it all comes alive. We curate some of the most intriguing ideas and features for our customers including flawless code and tested integrations. Following our drafting and design strategy we blend them seamlessly to create a unique user- friendly solution. Based on your comments and our quality control, we will tirelessly ensure every aspect of the site are exceeding industry standards.

Step 5

This is where the excitement starts. All our hard work comes together and is ready for launch. After one more round of quality control we will painlessly implement your site on our planned hosting strategy. With all hosted products we include a level of assurance, support and training to ensure maximum reliability and ongoing updates. Your project is live!

Step 6

In today’s world web and mobile applications are the most versatile mediums available and allow for limitless growth opportunities through onsite optimization and strategic marketing campaigns. Through careful review of your goals, statistics and budget we can tailor a unique marketing solution to dominate your competition. As an exclusive provider we will never work with a competitor and with you as our core focus it allows us to better understand your goals and continuously improve your brand, website, application and marketing program.

Web Design Launch

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