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Effective Online Marketing Strategy – What, Why, and How?

As each year goes by Web marketing just gets more and more sophisticated, as marketers try
to keep up with a constantly changing environment.

Customers nowadays hop from one platform to another – using their laptop at home to check
email and the morning headlines, then their Smartphone as they travel to work, then they check
their Social Media accounts on their laptop when they arrive at work, and when they pop out at
lunch they go back to their Smartphone again.

Or else they use a tablet. Or maybe all three devices.

Plus they see advertising on their TV in the evenings, and they come across all sorts of other
ads as they move around during the day. These ads may not be online but they nevertheless
prompt them to check out a website.

That’s why, to be successful these days, you need to have an organized approach that
integrates all your marketing activities. Otherwise the messages your customers receive
become confusing.

In this article we will be looking at what integrated marketing means, how it helps,
and what its essential components are. We’ll be focusing on online marketing, but the principles
apply to any marketing activity.

First, the basics

What is an Integrated Online Marketing Strategy? (or Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy, as
it’s also called.)

An Integrated Online Marketing Strategy integrates your Pay-Per-Click, SEO, Social Media,
Website, Blog, Email Marketing, and even affiliate marketing and online reputation
management, into a single coordinated strategy – so that everything pulls in the same direction.

Put like that it probably sounds obvious. Why would you ever want them to pull in different

You wouldn’t. But the trick is in the execution. No one deliberately chooses to have their efforts
unfocused and disorganized, but actually getting everything aligned takes a lot of forethought
and planning.

Luckily, the rewards make it all worthwhile. So read on…

Survival of the most integrated…

Integration is the marketing buzzword of the moment precisely because it helps you compete.
Marketing consumes time and resources. Bad or inefficient marketing wastes that time and
resources. And wasteful companies lose their competitive edge.

If they stay wasteful, they die.

Beautiful synergy!

The great thing about integrating your online marketing channels is that it makes them work in
harmony. And it doesn’t only make each individual part more efficient; like mixing peanut butter
and jelly, or sugar and spice, the combination produces something far better than either
ingredient alone.

That something is called synergy; where everything works together to create a highly effective
force that really can take your online marketing to a new level.

And that synergy is what makes an Integrated Online Marketing Strategy worthwhile.


So…We know integration is good. But how do we get there?

The first step to achieving an integrated strategy is having a clearly focused brand image.
This is for two reasons.

Firstly, because a poorly focused brand image is the result of woolly thinking. And woolly
thinking produces woolly marketing, with messages that conflict and contradict. And that is
exactly what an integrated marketing strategy is designed to combat.

Secondly, because before you can have everything pulling in one direction, you need to have
decided precisely which direction it’s all meant to be heading in.

There’s an added benefit too. The discipline needed to create a clearly focused brand image
also forces you to think carefully about your brand. And that is a good thing in itself.

Shout out loud and clear

Once you’ve decided what your brand is really about, it’s time to explain it to the world.
Two things are important here. First, it’s essential to promote your brand using a message that’s
clear. When it comes to getting your message across quickly and effectively, clarity is

Secondly, it’s essential that whichever channels you use, they all carry the SAME message.

Consistency is key

To create a clear and easily understood brand image in your customers’ heads, you need a
clear and consistent message to be reaching them. And this is where too many companies go

Because different channels – PPC, SEO, Blogs, etc, are often handled by different people,
maybe by different teams of outside experts, or parceled out to different departments. The result
is they often give mixed messages.

The tendency in life is always to do things today the way they were done yesterday. This results
in rigid, inflexible campaigns. They may be well executed in themselves, but they don’t mesh
with what your other marketing channels are doing.

Integration is also key!

Consistency is key, but integration is also key, because to achieve consistency between your
channels you need to integrate your marketing from the start. It won’t happen by some magical
process; it needs to be planned.

Ideally, that means wiping the slate clean and rolling out a fully planned and integrated
campaign. So that through whichever channel customers interact with you, they get the same
story and feel.

Think Launch Grow works hard to develop strategies and incorporate consistent campaigns for
its clients. Having trouble creating a brand on your own? We are happy to help! Learn more


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