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Benefits Of Video As A Marketing Tool

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video may not be the first marketing channel to spring to mind if you’re used to traditional marketing techniques. Yet it’s been gaining popularity in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and for good reason – it’s a highly effective marketing tool that integrates easily with other channels.


Video also offers unique advantages. It boosts SEO, increases engagement, and gets your message across more convincingly than any other medium. Which is why it’s increasingly being seen as indispensable for serious marketing.


In this blog we’ll be looking closer at the advantages video offers, why it’s so effective, and the best ways to incorporate it into your integrated online marketing strategy.


Seeing is believing

Video’s first major plus point is that it engages viewers better and for longer than text. This means that it’s easier to get information across, it holds people’s attention more effectively, and it achieves better conversions.


None of this should be surprising. Watching video is far closer to real life than reading. So people naturally find it easier to assimilate information when they see it happening in front of them.

This increased engagement has knock-on effects too. If your video is integrated into your website, having people stay longer on your site brings real benefits. Your bounce rate will be reduced; your site traffic is liable to increase (particularly if you make it easy to share your video); and since Google likes good video content, your SEO ranking should rise.


Video and SEO

If you’ve never made the connection before, here’s what you’ve been missing out on – good video boosts SEO rankings.

There are several reasons for this.

Google likes engaging content; and video engages. Encouraging people to stay on your page longer is a sign to Google that the content is interesting and deserves ranking higher.

Google also likes content that is helpful. So use your video to inform your audience. Whatever industry you’re in, it’s easy to find helpful topics. Simply think about the problems your customers face, and make a video that shows how to solve them.


Prove your worth

Authoritative content is another favorite with Google, and video makes it easy to create.

Video adverts are often too obviously commercial to engage your customers. Instead, make videos that show them how to understand important aspects of your industry, or to make best use of the products you sell. For example, a short clip ‘Ten things to look for when buying a Persian rug,’ or ‘How to grow melons under plastic sheeting.’

This way you demonstrate your expertise both to Google and to potential customers with an interest in those topics. Done properly (you need to ensure the right keywords are there for Google to see in the video’s metadata) a good video will raise your SEO ranking by all three of the methods above – engagement, helpful content, and authority.


Local search – be easy to find

There’s a fourth way that video can help with SEO, too. By adding your video to your Google Places listing and Google Local page you raise your profile, and help your listing stand out as engaging and useful.


YouTube – sell more by being entertaining

By posting your video on YouTube you gain access to a whole new marketing channel that has 1 billion unique viewers per month.  

People now routinely turn to Google searches for information on ‘how to…’ or to solve their problems. When offered a choice between a video or a text solution, they’re highly likely to choose the video. Why? Because as we saw above, videos are closer to real life and offer an easier way to absorb  the information the searcher is looking for.

In short – videos are more engaging. Which is why they are so important to your integrated marketing campaign. 

 Produce a video that really stands out, optimize it properly for YouTube, and past successes show that even the most unlikely topics can attract thousands of hits.



The final piece in the video jigsaw comes when you integrate your videos with your social media promotion. It’s so easy to share video links in a tweet or Facebook post that the two channels are natural partners.


The more you’re talked about, the more your content is shared, the more you’ll be picked up on by Google as a purveyor of engaging content and the more your SEO ranking will rise

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