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9 ways to get more followers on Instagram for free!

Free Instagram Followers

Instagram as a social media marketing focus is essential. Instagram is the last of the current social media networks that allow for organic growth and offers direct influence over others on the network. When you have more Instagram followers than others on the network you assert a certain influence over them. Below we outline how to get more real followers on Instagram for free!

1. Never do anything in excess

When we say NEVER do anything in excess we mean ANYTHING! Instagram’s method for choosing who to show does not like spam in any form. Following, Liking, Commenting, Direct Messaging, Too Many Hashtags, Deleting Pictures, Deleting Comments, Posting to Much are all things not to do. Never use automation.

2. Create Captivating Content

Continually increase the quality of your content. If you want to really grow your Instagram page, in the end, you need great targeted content. Learn from the top content creators in your niche and let the audience tell you what they like and don’t like. If you want to get more Instagram likes you have to post what your followers like.

3. Post Consistently

3-8 post per day is a good range and it really depends on your target audience. Try to post on your follower’s schedule, when they would likely be looking at their phones. You can get an idea by trying to figure out your target audiences schedule.

4. Interaction

It is very important to interact with other accounts within your niche. This not only encourages interaction back, but it can also create relationships. Interactions can simply be likes or thoughtful comments or even sharing pages that are similar in exchange for a share.

5. Optimize Your Profile

Optimizing your profile name, title and content will help people find you in search and will allow new people to find your page easily while performing different types of search.

6. HashTags

In our tests using 15 – 20 hashtags can increase your post engagement by as much as 40% when done right. When choosing hashtags you want them to be targeted, different stages of popularity and semi-active.

7. Follow only related pages

Follow only related pages or pages that benefit your pages mission. Try to get pages in your niche to like and share your posts.

8. Optimize your feed

Optimize your feed engagement by deleting posts that have low engagement and only post content within Instagram’s guidelines.

9. Use your direct messaging

Use your direct messaging to network with others on the network. Your direct messages on Instagram have a far better chance of reaching key decision makers then any other form of communication.

We hope this helps you grow your Instagram following and further your business. TLG manages over 2,000,000+ Instagram followers and gains more than 100,000 per month for our partners and customers. We are Instagram marketing experts and can help anyone grow organic Instagram followers. If you are interested in learning more or having TLG help grow your social media presence please contact us.



  1. this is a helpful article I haven’t been doing all you suggested and I want to grow my Instagram engagement its a bit scary sometimes to try the new things they have.

  2. So many good tips – Instagram has been a beast so I feel like I’m re-learning how to do everything again. Thanks for sharing:)

    Black Coffee Beautiful

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