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TLG offers a complete digital experience. We first enhance communication and then we enhance your image. We are currently located everywhere.

Through our network of office and work from home experts we are comprised of a unique group of experienced business developers, web designers, programmers, project managers, marketers and visionaries with a diverse area of digital and hands on business expertise. Over the last decade we have streamlined our communication methods and standards to a point of ultimate efficiency.

The TLG team’s diverse skills allow us to tailor our services to meet each customer exact needs. Whether you’re looking for a new website design or complete package we have the ability to customize and allocate our team to your unique needs. Our expert strategy, design, development and marketing teams communicate efficiently to match our customers vision while creating cutting edge solutions.

  • Ryley Schlosser Creative Director
  • Mathew Duncan Project Manager
  • Jessie Schlosser Lead Project Manager

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If you are digital, have a healthy work ethic, liked to be challenged and create new ideas we are very interested in hearing from you!

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